Participate In The APRU and The New York Times Asia-Pacific Case Competition 2017

The inaugural APRU–NYT Case Competition will bring together the best minds from universities in the Asia-Pacific region to raise awareness and solve a pressing issue: The Future of the Pacific Ocean. Students will have the opportunity to be published in The New York Times International Edition and read by an audience of global leaders.  Continue reading “Participate In The APRU and The New York Times Asia-Pacific Case Competition 2017”

APRU Global Health Program Workshop

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APRU Global Health Conference 2019- Global health challenges are hugely complex and interconnected across numerous disciplines so that true change can only be enacted by working alongside sectors outside of medicine. Cities present opportunities and challenges, which can be a major platform to promote citizens’ health and well-being. The goal of the conference is to facilitate inter-institutional and inter-sectorial exchanges …


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University of Malaya 2019 APRU Global Health Program Conference- The 2019 APRU Global Health conference will be hosted by the University of Hong Kong in Pokfulang, Hong Kong, from 17-20 November, 2019. This year’s theme is GLOBAL URBAN HEALTH.   Keep posted for more details.