Global Health LIVE

Global Health LIVE is a new and innovative graduate seminar for graduate students that was co-designed by Professors Terry Schmidt (from UC Irvine) and Mellissa Withers (USC).

The course was offered for the first time in Fall 2015. The course extended the theory of global health to the practice of global health.  The relationship of health, foreign policy, and global health leadership were the cutting edge of the scope of the course.

Students from five universities (four of them are APRU members) attended the live session simultaneously for 10 weeks. These included: USC, UC Irvine, U of Tokyo, NTU and Chinese University of Hong Kong. A live seminar was held once per week for two hours via live video using the google hangouts platform. An international guest lecturer and global health leader spoke during each session. Guest lecturers included famous global health leaders, including Hans Rosling, Purnima Mane, Al Somer, Larry Gostin and several others. Then students interacted with the lecturer and each other in her teams.

One of the major assignments of the course was to work in groups (from the five different universities) to create a video on a global health leadership topic. The videos are posted below. We hope that this course would be offered in the future and that APRU member universities will be able to participate.