Global Health LIVE!

Global Health LIVE! is a new and innovative graduate seminar for graduate students that was co-designed by Professors Terry Schmidt (from University of California, Irvine), Shubha Kumar (University of Southern California) and Mellissa Withers (University of Southern California).

First offered in 2015, the course extends global health theory to practice. Through readings, assignments and live video sessions, students discover how health, foreign policy and leadership relate.

“Distance education technology allows us to give students a truly global, collaborative experience without the time and expense of travel.”

— Mellissa Withers, USC Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine.

At least three universities (approximately 40-50 students) participate in the course.

Universities sign on simultaneously once a week for two hours over 10 weeks through a web-based platform. These  live sessions provide a space for students to interact with each other and their instructors, as well as with prominent weekly guest speakers—high-ranking academic, government and non-profit organization leaders and researchers from around the world. The guest speakers present lectures and discuss professional challenges and successes they have faced in their global health careers.

Featured speakers:  Hans Rosling, Purnima Mane, Al Somer, Larry Gostin—and many more!

One major assignment requires students to work in multi-university groups to produce short final videos outlining global health leadership topics. (See some examples of previous course videos below.)

“Working in these global teams helps students learn to communicate and collaborate with people from vastly different cultures—and time zones. Those skills are vital to students’ success in an increasingly global workforce.”

— Shubha Kumar, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

This APRU Global Health Program distance education course is coordinated through the USC Institute for Global Health. To inquire about registering, email Dr. Mellissa Withers at