Global Health LIVE! / Global Health Leadership

Through readings, assignments and live video sessions, students discover how health, foreign policy, and leadership relate.


  • Key trends and challenges working in global health contexts
  • Leadership and management of global health NGOs
  • The role of partnerships in global health
  • Best practices in global cross-cultural collaborations 
  • Directions in global health careers
  • Health systems and workforce shortages

 “Of all the MPH courses offered, I can honestly say I learned the most skills in Global Health LIVE! Course. My biggest takeaways from this course were learning how to work with a diverse group of health professionals and how to professionally communicate in group settings.” Hrant Gevorgian, MPH ’17, physician

Each week for 10 weeks, 3-5 APRU member universities sign on simultaneously for two hours. The live sessions provide a space for students to interact with each other and their instructors, as well as with prominent weekly guest speakers—high-ranking academic, government and non-profit organization leaders and researchers from around the world. The guest speakers present lectures and discuss professional challenges and successes they have faced in their global health careers. The students also interact asynchronously through discussion boards on the shared course website.

Guest speakers from nearly every continent have tuned in to lecture and answer questions. Guest speakers have included:   

  • Alfred Sommer (Professor, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Jeffrey Koplan (Former Director, Centers for Disease Control, US)
  • Vanessa Kerry (Founder of SEED Global Health)
  • Le Bach Duong (Specialist at the UNFPA in Vietnam)
  • Bill Magee (Founder of Operation Smile), 
  • Mauricio Hernandez-Avila (Former Director General of the Institute for Public Health,  Mexico)
  • Jonathan Quick (CEO, Management of Sciences for Health)
  • Kiat Ruxrungtham (Vice President on Research Development and Innovation, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Jennifer McCleary-Sills (Gates Foundation)
  • Robin Smalley (Founder of Mothers 2 Mothers)
  • Peter Chang (Founder of Asia Health Literacy)
  • Mariía Del Rocio Sáenz Madrigal (former Minister of Health, Costa Rica)
  • Abhsek Rimal (Regional Emergency Coordinator, International Federation of the Red Cross)

“Working in these global teams helps students learn to communicate and collaborate with people from vastly different cultures—and time zones. Those skills are vital to students’ success in an increasingly global workforce.”

— Shubha Kumar, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine

The course is managed by the APRU Global Health Program and is offered for free to university partners. To inquire about registering, email Dr. Mellissa Withers at