Distance Education Courses

Learn more about the graduate-level distance education courses offered by APRU Global Health.

The Model

  • Graduate-level, offered for credit. Courses are organized and managed by APRU.
  • At least four universities (approximately 60 students) in at least four countries participate in each course.
  • Universities sign on simultaneously once a week for two hours over 10 weeks through Zoom in the fall semester.
  • Interact with live guest lectures by renowned global health leaders from the World Health Organization, government, NGOs and private sector. Then discuss and review real-world case studies.
  • Students work in international teams on a final project.
  • Use a shared course website for announcements, readings, etc.
  • Each university keeps its own tuition generated from the course.

Courses Offered

Student Impressions

“In this course, I was able to further develop many critical skills, such as communication and presentation/public speaking.”

“Live sessions ​were ​fantastic, guest speaker lineup was great​ and this ​​e​n​hanced my learning experience.​ ​I learned a lot from this clas​s, great cohort!”

“This was the most relevant course I took during my whole program.”

“This class was by far my favorite in the time I’ve been at this university. It was such a pleasure to be able to hear about so many different organizations and how leaders in the global health field came to be in the position they are. Thank you so much for putting this class together.”

Please contact Dr. Mellissa Withers for more details at mwithers@usc.edu.