2021 APRU Global Health Case Competition

This 2021, the 6th annual APRU Global Health Virtual Case Competition will take place. Are you up for the challenge?  


Case competitions are increasing popular around the world as a way for students to exercise critical thinking skills using a “real world” challenge. For this international, virtual competition, teams of 4-6 students will receive a challenge relating to a pressing global health problem. Teams will be given up to ten weeks to prepare a video of up to 10 minutes in English proposing a realistic, well-designed, innovative solution to the challenge. Teams will save their videos on YouTube or Vimeo and submit the link via email for judging by an international panel of APRU Global Health Program members and other global expert judges. 

Three videos will be chosen by an international panel of judges for the final round, which will be held as part of the 2021 APRU GH annual conference – Nov 16-18, 2021. The winning team will be announced at the conference and a prize of US$1,000 will be awarded. 

(CHALLENGE OPEN from April 2-June 11, 2021)

  • April 2 – Case challenge sent out via email at 11:59am Pacific Time
  • June 1 – Deadline for universities to register teams (teams registering after April 2 will still only have until June 11 to submit their videos)
  • June 11 – Final video submissions due by 11:59pm Pacific Time
  • August 1 – Three finalist teams announced via email
  • Nov 18 – Final judging of competition held during the APRU GH annual workshop. Scores will include the judges scores (50% weight) combined with the combined votes from the conference participants (50%). Only registered conference participants will be eligible to vote.


  • A representative from each team must register between Feb 1-June 1, 2021 at 11:59pm Pacific Time through our online registration system. 
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • All team members must come from the same university. There is no maximum number of teams per each university.
  • Any university in any country may compete. Membership in APRU is not required.
  • The teams must be comprised of 4-6 students. Changes can be made to the team members after registration. But an email must be sent to Dr Withers at mwithers@usc.edu informing about the changes prior to the competition deadline.
  • The solution to the challenge must be student-driven. Although we encourage that students draw on faculty and outside mentorship and support, it should not be the work/research output of a faculty member.  


  • The team must be comprised of currently enrolled university students (as of April, 2021). Students of all disciplines and stages in their training are welcome including undergraduate, graduate and medical students.
  • Student are allowed to be part of more than one team.
  • Postdoctoral students and medical residents/interns are not eligible. Individuals holding faculty appointments also do not qualify.


  • The winning team will be announced at the 2021 APRU Global Health Program Conference.
  • A prize of US$1,000 will be awarded to the winning team.
  • Student teams who are selected to participate in the final round may be eligible for travel scholarships to the conference.
  • All students who participate will receive a certificate of participation via email   


For competing teams, please submit the following materials by email by June 11 at 11:59pm Pacific Time to mwithers@usc.edu. 

  • Provide a link to your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Bilibili or similar site. 
  • Video MUST be no more than 10 mins or it will not be eligible.
  • At the beginning or end of the video, please provide a slide with full name, discipline of study, affiliated department and institution, and academic status (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, medical, etc.) for each team member. Please make sure to clearly identify your team name. 
  • PowerPoint slides, animations, or other audiovisuals should be used in conjunction with the oral presentation.
  • All team members should appear on the video at some point and should actively participate in the development of the proposal. Everyone on the team needs to physically show at some point in the presentation. So, they can appear talking next to a set of slides like a presentation. Or, talking with another person, etc. 
  • All teams automatically grant permission for APRU to screen their videos at the workshop and to post their videos on our website.