Youfa Wang

University: University at Buffalo, State University of New York

School/Department: Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Position: Prof and Director, Systems-oriented Global Childhood Obesity Intervention Program

Degrees: MD, PhD, MS


Health topics of expertise: Nutrition, epidemiology, child growth and health, obesity, non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs), health disparities, global health, analysis of BigData and complex data sets, systems science.

Geographical focus: USA, China, India, worldwide

Service Activities: 

  • Secretary/Treasurer, The Obesity Society (TOS) Pediatric Obesity Section (2014-, 1-year term, then rotates to Chair-Elect, and then to Chair and finally Past Chair)
  • Chair Elect, Chair, Past Chair, American Society for Nutrition (ASN) Nutrition Epidemiology Research Interest Section (2009-2012)
  • Vice President, The North America Chinese Society for Nutrition (NACSN, 2011-)

Recent related Consultancy/Grants/Collaborations:

  1. Title: “Systems-Oriented Pediatric Obesity Research and Training (SPORT) Center Grant”
    Funding: NIH/NICHD (1 U54 HD070725-01, U54 Center grant, $16.1 million, 9/2011 – 12/2016
  2. Title: “Causes and Interventions for Childhood Obesity: Innovative Systems Analysis”
    Funding: NIH (1R01HD064685-01A1, $1.6 million, 9/29/2010 – 6/30/2014
  3. Title: “Understanding Disparities In Obesity and Its Comorbidities In the U.S.”
    Funding: NIH/NIDDK (R01DK81335-01A1, $1.2 million, 7/2009-4/2013

Recent related publications:

  1. Chen HJ, Wang Y. Influence of School Beverage Environment on the Association of Beverage Consumption With Physical Education Participation Among US Adolescents. American Journal of Public Health. 2013;103(11):e63-70.
  2. Wang Y, Wu Y, Wilson RF, Bleich S, Cheskin L, Weston C, Showell N, Fawole O, Lau B, Segal J.  Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Comparative Effectiveness Review and Meta-Analysis [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ, US); 2013 Jun. Report No.: 13-EHC081-EF. AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Reviews. PMID: 23865092 [PubMed] (Note: This is an 835-page report, and a result of the two year project funded by the AHRQ that over 20 researchers at Johns Hopkins participated and I am the PI.)
  3. Cai Li, Wu Y,  Wilson R, Segal JB, Kim M, Wang Y. Effect of Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs on Blood Pressure: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Circulation 2014;129(18):1832-9.


Youfa Wang, MD, PhD, MS, is Professor of Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Pediatrics, Director of the Systems-oriented Global Childhood Obesity Intervention Program at University at Buffalo, State University of New York, and Adjunct Professor in Johns Hopkins University and Peking University. Before joined UB he was the founding Director of the Johns Hopkins Global Center on Childhood Obesity, and was Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University.  His research interests focus on nutritional epidemiology, obesity, non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs), and health disparities. As an internationally-known expert, he has over 160 publications including over 130 peer-reviewed papers. His work is widely cited, eg, some papers >1000 times. Dr. Wang’s research has been funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), US Department of Agriculture, and other funding agencies.  As the PI, over the past 12 years, he has secured about $23 million NIH research grants.   Dr. Wang has served on numerous national and international expert panels, review committees and leadership positions, including over 20 NIH and CDC grant review committees, a WHO Expert Committee to help develop a new international growth standard, the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF).  He also serves as a United Nations (UN) consultant, and as a member of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) Task-Force on Diet, Nutrition and Long-term Health for the Quadrennium, 2005-2009. He was a Councilor of The Obesity Society (TOS) Pediatric Obesity Section, a member of TOS Annual Meeting Program Committee, and the Chair of the Nutrition Epidemiology Section of the American Society for Nutrition. He is an associate editor for four international scientific journals.