Sun Ha Jee

University: Yonsei University

School/Department: School of Public Health

Position: Professor

Degrees: PhD, MPH


Health topics of expertise: Tobacco, Epidemiology, Cohort study, Prediction model

Geographical focus: East Asia

Service Activities:  I am working at School of Public Health and teach Epidemiology. I am also working with NGO (Korean Association of Smoking and Health)

Recent related Consultancy/Grants/Collaborations:

  1. I will work with KFDA for tobacco epidemiologic study next year. The study continues for 4 years.
  2. I have worked with Koran National Health Insurance System to do ongoing prospective cohort study (Korean Cancer Prevention Study)

Recent related publications:

  1. Smoking attributable risk and medical care cost in 2012 in Korea. J Health Informatics and Statistics 2014;39:25-41 (Korean)
  2. Smoking attributable mortality among Korean adults, 2012. J Health Informatics and Statistics 2013;38:36-49 (Korean)


Sun Ha Jee, PhD, MPH, is a professor of the Epidemiology and Health Promotion, Graduate School of Public Health, Yonsei University, where he teaches epidemiology. His current research is focused on large scaled prospective cohort study for smoking, obesity, metabolic syndrome, CVD and cancer.  He developed the Korean Cancer Prevention Study (KCPS) in 2001.  This is a large-scale cohort study of active and passive smoking and risk for cancer and other diseases among the Korean population. The cohort consists of over one million adult Koreans who had a physical examination as part of their care by the national health insurance program. Recent analyses have addressed diabetes, blood sugar, and cancer risk; white blood cells and risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease; and body mass index and mortality and morbidity. He is also principal investigator of metabolic syndrome research initiative which funded by Seoul city.