Maksim Khotimchenko

University: Far Eastern Federal University

School/Department: School of Biomedicine

Position: Head of Department of Pharmacy

Degrees: PhD


Health topics of expertise: Environmental pollution, environmental health, methods for prevention

of environmental diseases

Geographical focus: Russia, Asian-Pacific region

Service Activities: 

  1. Evaluation of grant proposals in the field of environmental pollution, environmental health and environmental pharmacology.
  2. Assessment of the new approaches and methods for prevention of environmental diseases.
  3. Reviewing the reports on the influence of environmental contamination on public health.

Recent related Consultancy/Grants/Collaborations:

  1. Grant of Russian ministry of Science and Education “Development of the methods using low-molecular non-starch polysaccharides for treatment and prevention of disorders induced by radioisotopes and heavy metals”. (2012-2013)
  2. Collaboration with Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences “Influence of the environmental contamination on child health in Primorsky region and perspective methods for treatment of the heavy metal induced disorders” (2013-2014).
  3. Grant of Russian ministry of Science and Education in collaboration with Vostokpharm Co.,LTD “Development of the methods for low-molecular pectin synthesis with system effects purposed as the substances protecting from adverse influence of radioisotopes and toxic metals” (2011-2012).

Recent related publications:

  1. M.Khotimchenko, E.Khozhaenko, E.Kolenchenko, Y. Khotimchenko. Influence of pectin substances on strontium removal in rats // International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2012. Vol. 4. P. 269-273.
  2. Y.Khotimchenko, E.Khozhaenko, V.Kovalev, M.Khotimchenko. Cerium Binding Activity of Pectins Isolated from the Seagrasses Zostera marina and Phyllospadix iwatensis // Marine Drugs. 2012, Vol. 10(4). P. 834-848.
  3. M.Khotimchenko, T.Poleschuk, O.Savchenko, O.Shokur. Comparative lead-removing  activity of the non-starch polysaccharides. J. Med. Sci. 2013. Vol. 13. P.647-656.


Dr. Maksim Khotimchenko, doctor of medical sciences, 36 years, is a leading researcher in the field of environmental pharmacology and toxicology. He is head of Laboratory of pharmacology and bioassays and Head of the Department of Pharmacy in the School of biomedicine, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). The whole career of Dr. Khotimcheno was devoted to investigation of the influence of environmental heavy metal on human health and development of the safe and convenient methods for treatment and prevention of disorders induced by these metals. During the research studies, he and his colleagues have estimated health status of children in Russian cities and have found an important role of toxic metal presented in environment in development of various disorders in those children. Dr. Khotimchenko proposed the use of polysaccharide substance for prevention of the toxic metal poisoning. He has several patents for technological processing of the non-starch polysaccharides resulting in increased metal-binding capacity of the biopolymers. Small scale clinical trial have proved effectiveness of the modified non-starch poly saccharides for elimination environmental pollutants. In future he is planning to continue these studies focused on creation of the effective and safe pharmaceuticals purposed for treatment of diseases induced by environmental contamination.