Dr. Cora A. Anonuevo is a Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of the Philippines Manila. Research Interests: community health, primary health care, women’s health, older persons. Email address: cora_anonuevo@yahoo.com

Alexander M. Capron is a University Professor, Scott H. Bice Chair in Healthcare Law, Policy and Ethics, and Professor of Law and Medicine acapron@law.usc.edu Research interests: public health law, research ethics, professional ethics and responsibility, healthcare systems and patient safety, organ transplantation policy, clinical ethics

Dr. Chang-Chuan Chan is an associate dean of College of Public Health (CPH), and director of the Global Health Centre at the National Taiwan University (NTU). He is President of Society for Risk Analysis in Taiwan (TSRA) and East Asia Chapter of International Society of Exposure Science (ISES). Prof. Chan has published over 130 scientific papers in English on issues related to environmental epi, environmental exposure, and environmental risk assessment. He is a pioneer in investigating commuter exposure to volatile organic compounds and particulate matters in the US and Taiwan. He is currently involved in cross-country epidemiological studies on air pollution in Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia, and is an international partner of the European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE).

Dr. Lau Tang Ching is currently working as a consultant rheumatologist in the Division of Rheumatology, University Medicine Cluster in the National University Hospital (NUH). He is the head of the rheumatology division since 2009. He has being appointed as the Assistant Dean (education) of Yong Loo Ling School of Medicine since June 2010, Nationa University of Singapore (NUS), and the Vice Chairman Medical Board (education) for NUH since July 2013. He is currently the president of the Osteoporosis Society (Singapore) and the vice-chairman of the National Arthritis Foundation. His main research interests are in osteoporosis, pharmacoeconomic evaluation and evidence based medicine. He has helped to coordinate the Health Service Development Program for osteoporosis (HSDP) in 2003 to 2007 in the National Healthcare Group cluster, which was successful in improving adherence and reducing the recurrent fracture rates of patients who were at high risk of fractures. He is currently helping to coordinate the Osteoporosis Disease Management Program (OPTIMAL), which is an extension of the previous HSDP osteoporosis program, involving all healthcare clusters in Singapore. As there is evidence in medical literature that taichi for health exercise is proven to improve joint pain and function, prevent falls and osteoporosis, Dr Lau has also helped to promote this exercise for the benefit of older people in Singapore.

Dr. Chunhuei Chi is the Director of the Center for Global Health at Oregon State University. He is also the coordinator of the MPH in International Health Program; and an Associate Professor.  His main research Interests/expertise are: 1.governance in global health and health system 2.health system strengthening 3.health system finance 4. development of graduate programs in international/global health 5. health development for refugees and IDPs 6.equity in health, health care and financial burden of health care 7. priority setting in international health and health system. E-mail: chunhuei.chi@oregonstate.edu

Dr. I Wayan Darwata is an Associate Professor and Vice Dean of Internal Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Warmadewa University in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. He is a former Lecturer in the Dept. of Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine at Udayana University.  He is an MD and also has an MPH from the University of Hawaii, Honolulu. His main research focus is health management.

Dr. Ronnell D. Delarosa is the Nursing Diector from St Joseph Hospital of Remedios Philippines and a Professor from Bataan Peninsula State University Philippines. Email: rdelarosa@yahoo.com

Dr. Henry Ko is a Research Fellow at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Sydney in Australia. Research interests are systematic reviews health technology assessments health services research quality improvement service quality social implications of emerging health technologies

Dr. Kun Li is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing at Jilin University in China where she is the director of fundamental nursing section. Her research interests include women’s health care and nursing education.

Dr. Don Lucero-Prisno is a Senior Lecturer in International Health at the University of the Philippines and Honorary Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Liverpool.  He has a medical background with postgraduate degrees in global health.  His areas of research are health systems, policy and financing, occupational health, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, and public health and global health education.

Dr. Judith McCool is Senior Lecturer in Global Health at the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.  She has been an active contributor to research in the field of health risk perceptions, tobacco control, media and global health. She works on numerous international and national research projects funded by HRC, Bloomberg Initiative, World University Network, Ministry of Health and an active collaborator research and capacity building initiatives on in partnership with WHO and Secretariat for the Pacific Communities.  She has developed networks in Asia Pacific region; Latin America and North America, where she has participated in country and regional forums for global health and tobacco control.  The Global Health Group, led by Dr. McCool, been awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Strategic Development Award (2009) and an International Research Team Development Award (2010) to enhance opportunities for collaboration with other global health institutions in the Asia Pacific region.  Current research interests include assessment of the impact of trade on health outcomes (child health, NCDs), tobacco industry activity in the Pacific region, media communication and health behaviours.

Dr. Lourdes M. Portus is an Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines. Her research interests are: communicating health, communication research, mobile communication, mobile health. Email: lmportus@up.edu.ph,

Dr. Subadhra Rai, RN, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences (Nursing)  at Nanyang Polytechnic University in Singapore. Her main research interests are: public health; women’s health; refugee health; research. Email: Subadhra_Rai@nyp.edu.sg

Dr. Mohammad Imam Hasan Reza- Degrees MSc, Botany (University of Chittagong, Bangladesh); PhD, Environment and Development (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia); Dr. Reza is a Senior Lecturer and Fellow in the Institute of Environment and Development, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is a Landscape Ecologist and Environmentalist whose research focuses on integrating knowledge of ecological and environmental processes with the multi-faceted socio-economic factors in the landscape to regional scale. Using modern geospatial technologies like remote sensing and GIS, he is particularly interested in building multi-criteria decision support system to solve contemporary issues of ecological and environmental processes and factors. He has generated new model of ecological indicators to develop an index to measure ecological integrity at regional scale. Presently he has devoted his concentration to develop a methodological framework of integrated disaster risk management in Malaysia. He is also working to develop a decision support system to solve climatic, environmental and hydro-meteorological disaster risks in the urban areas. He is involved with a regional research project about the politics, governance and vulnerability of contemporary issues related to the floods in the ASEAN. He was contributed in number of research projects in the area includes landscape ecological assessment for conservation planning, and landscape connectivity measurement in the regional scale. Since 1999, Dr. Reza has been conducting courses in ecosystem ecology, environmental management, environmental hazards, GIS and remote Sensing, micro environment and limnology. He has published a number of quality research articles and book chapters. Dr. Reza is actively involved in various national and international professional and research organizations. Email: reza@ukm.edu.my

Dr. Stéphane P. Rousseau is Assistant Dean at Thammasat University in Thailand. Research interests are teaching methodologies to teach complex issues through experiential learning.

Dr. Jonathan Samet, a pulmonary physician and epidemiologist, is the Chair of the APRU Global Health Program. He is also Professor and Flora L. Thornton Chair for the Dept. of Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California and Director of the USC Institute for Global Health in the United States.   He received an AB degree in chemistry and physics from Harvard College, before receiving the MD degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.  He also has an MS in epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health.  His research has focused on the health risks of inhaled pollutants—particles and ozone in outdoor air and indoor pollutants including secondhand smoke and radon.  He has also investigated the occurrence and causes of cancer and respiratory diseases, emphasizing the risks of active and passive smoking.  For several decades, he has been involved in global health, focused on tobacco control, air pollution, and chronic disease prevention.  He has been chair of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee of the U.S. EPA and currently chairs the FDA’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee.  He was appointed to the National Cancer Advisory Board in 2011.  Dr. Samet received the Surgeon General’s Medallion in 1990 and 2006, the 2004 Prince Mahidol Award for Global Health awarded by the King of Thailand, and the 2006 Public Service Award of the American Thoracic Society.  He was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences in 1997.

Dr. Josefina M.C. Santos is an Assistant Professor Broadcast Communication Department College of Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines. Her research interests include global health, environment and health concerns, disaster risk management.

Dr. Marc Schenker is Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of California at Davis in the United States.  He is also the Associate Vice Provost, Outreach and Engagement, the Co-Director of the Migration and Health Center of Expertise, University of California Global Health Institute, the Founding Director of the Migration and Health Research Center. His work focuses on migration.

Dr. Putu Sustisna holds an MD, DTM&H. He is a former Professor and Head, Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University; Currently Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Warmadewa University, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Research interests include cysticercosis/taeniasis and soil-transmitted helminthic infections.

Dr. Richard Taylor MBBS (Syd), DTM&H (Lon), FRCP (UK), PhD (Syd), FAFPHM Richard Taylor graduated in Medicine from the University of Sydney, trained as a physician and completed the course on Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the London School. He commenced public health research investigating diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Pacific Island countries, while based at Monash University in Melbourne and was Epidemiologist at the South Pacific Commission (SPC) located in Noumea (New Caledonia) during the 1980s. He was at the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney 1990-2004 and commenced the Master of International Public Health (MIPH) at University of Sydney in 2000. He was Professor of International Health at University of Queensland (UQ) in 2005-08, and commenced at University of NSW, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, in 2009. He is currently Professor of Public and International Health, Director of Human Resources for Health (HRH) Knowledge Hub, Coordinator of the Master of International Public Health Program and is involved in several international research studies, including mortality and cause of death, and control of NCD in Pacific Island Countries, and in several national research studies, including Indigenous mortality assessment. He has 412 publications, of which 212 are articles in refereed journals (to 2012). Many of these articles and reports address the epidemiological transition and non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemiology and control, particularly cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, in the international context.

Dr. Feng-jen (Jean) Tsai LLM, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Master’s Program in Global Health and Development at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. Her main research interests are global health, occupational health, health policy and law, and aging.

Dr. Nitaya Vajanapoom is an Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University in Thailand. Her research interests: Environmental pollution and health; and disaster manangement.

Dr. Yukiko Wagatsuma is a professor of Clinical Trial and Clinical Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba. She received a MD degree from the University of Tsukuba, and MPH and DrPH degrees from the Johns Hopkins University. After having training in internal medicine, specializing for infectious diseases, she involved in various projects on disease control in Africa and Asia. Her scope of research has much diversified from clinical researches to population, nutrition, environmental and health system research. The most challenging initiatives she is involving are the studies of global health importance such as developmental origins of health and climate change impact on health. She continues to be interested in finding effective and appropriate options for health interventions to control ill and health for the most vulnerable population in the world. e-mail: wagatsuma.yukiko.fu@u.tsukuba.ac.jp.

Dr. Hongmei Wang, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Medicine at Zhejiang University in China. Her main research interests are health-related quality of life, chronic disease management, obesity intervention, and health technology assessment for use in primary care.

Dr. Heather Wipfli is an Associate Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the USC/Keck School of Medicine and in the Department of International Relations at the USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences in the United States. Prior to joining USC, Dr. Wipfli directed research and training for the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and also worked as a technical officer at the WHO headquarters in Geneva on the development of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Dr. Wipfli received her doctorate in international relations from the Graduate Institute for International Studies at the University of Geneva and was awarded the Alumni Laureate Award in 2007. Her work focuses on global tobacco control, policy diffusion, health security, capacity building in developing countries, and globalization.

Dr. Mellissa Withers is an Associate Professor at the USC Institute for Global Health in the United States and Director of the APRU Global Health Program. She received her PhD from the Dept. of Community Health Sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and her Master’s from the Dept. of International Health at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining USC, she worked as an independent qualitative research consultant and taught at numerous universities in California. Her current research focuses on reproductive health, maternal and child health, migrant health, medical anthropology, and women’s empowerment.

Dr. Alistair Woodward is Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at University of Auckland in New Zealand. His research interests are environmental health, tobacco, and social determinants of health.

Dr. Yimin Zhu is a professor in the School of Public Health at Zhejiang University in China. His research interests include: chronic disease epidemiology, genetic susceptibility of complicated disease, such as diabetes and colorectal cancer.

Dr. Shankuan Zhu is currently a Qiushi Professor at the Zhejiang University and the Associate Dean of Zhejiang University School of Public Health in China. He is the Director of the Obesity and Body Composition Research Center, Chronic Disease Research Institute, and Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene of Zhejiang University School of Public Health. He graduated from Nagoya University School of Medicine, Nagoya, Japan, and obtained his PhD in 1997. He did Post-doctoral training at Columbia University. He was an Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin from 2003 to 2007. Dr. Zhu received the China Medical Board (CMB) Distinguished Professorship Award in 2009 and Zhejiang Province ‘Thousand Talent’ Award in 2010. He has made significant contributions to the fields of obesity screening and diagnostic standard, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention, obesity and injury, and motor vehicle crash control. He has published over 60 papers.

Traci Wells, PhD, is an Education Coordinator at UCLA. She is interested in global health education and training programs. She is also interested in incorporating linguistic and cultural competencies into global health education programs.

Dr. Kai Hong Phua is a Professor in the Department of Health and Social Policy at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. Email: spppkh@nus.edu.sg Main research interests: Global health governance, comparative health systems, health economics and financing

Dr. Masamine Jimba is Professor and Chair Department of Community and Global Health Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Tokyo . Email is: mjimba@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp  Main research interests: health and development, health promotion, ecological approach for infectious disease control